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    Amlogic S905 vs Amlogic S912 Benchmarks Comparison

    The comparison table below contains scores for Antutu 6.x, Vellamo 3.x, and 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme. MINI NEO U1 runs Android 5.1, while M12N runs Android 6.0, so once/if MINIX NEO U1 gets an Android 6.0 results may differ, likely improve a little bit. It’s also possible Android 6.0 SDK is not that mature, and over time, Amlogic S912 results may improve somewhat too, but nevertheless the results give an overview of the performance that you can expect from devices today (September 2016). Results...

    0 Amlogic S905 vs Rockchip RK3368 Benchmarks Comparison

    I used benchmark results from i68 and compared them to K1 Plus, both devices running Android 5.1. A ratio greater than 1 (green) mean S905 is better, while a ratio lower than 1 (red) means RK3368 fares better.

      Amlogic S905 Rockchip RK3368 Ratio
    CPU Quad core Cortex A53 @ 2.02 GHz Octa core Cortex A53 @ 1.2GHz  
    GPU ARM Mali-450MP PowerVR G6110  
    Antutu 5.x      
    Overall 28,027 34,171 0.82
    Multitask 4,260 4,041 1.05
    Runtime 2,721 2,9...
    0 How to Run Headless Linux on Amlogic S905 Devices Such as MINI MX or K1 Plus

    Modifying U-boot environment

    The instructions include opening the box, and connecting or soldering a USB to TTL debug board to access U-boot and change some parameters. But later once an image with network is working, you could also build and load fw_setenv and fw_saveenv, and do the same steps with an Android shell and without the need to open the device.

    Serial connection to MINI MX

    K1 Plus has the UART headers populated so you don’t have to solder anything, but MINI MX requires a littl...

    0 Amlogic S805 vs S905 Benchmarks Comparison

    With that in mind here are the results comparing the results I got with K1 Plus (Amlogic S905) and MXQ (Amlogic S805) TV boxes.

      Amlogic S905 Amlogic S805 Ratio
    CPU Quad core Cortex A53 @ 2.02 GHz Quad core Cortex A5 @ 1.488 GHz  
    GPU ARM Mali-450MP ARM Mali-450MP  
    Antutu 5.x      
    Overall 28,027 16,448 1.70
    Multitask 4,260 2,967 1.44
    Runtime 2,721 1,057 2.57
    RAM Ops 1,960 1,392 1.41
    RAM Speed 2,420 1,590 1.52