Nexbox T11 Review

NEXBOX T11 Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 Windows 10 Mini PC 4K*2K with SATA USB3.0 4G/64G

WIFI LAN Bluetooth4.0 HDMI & VGA


 the NEXBOX T12 (Also known as the T11) that comes with Intel’s latest 14nm Intel Z8300 processor and authorised activated Windows 10.The N12 comes with 2GB RAM, and 32GB eMMC, built in wi-fi module,SATA and usb 3.0 support.

Iv been playing around with this for just over a week now & i have to say im very immpressed with it.The main plus for me is being able to pick wether to use the VGA or the HDMI output both work as they should.



CPU: Intel Z8300, 4cores, 1.84GHz, 64bit
GPU: Intel HD Graphics
Support External 2.5″ HDD (up to 2T)
Authorised Windows 10
USB 3.0 * 1 + USB 2.0 * 3
OTG port
VGA: Support 1920*1080
Card reader: TF Card
Support the latest HEVC (H.265) decoding
Support 4K*2K Super HD video playback
WiFi: IEEE 802.11b/g/n, the fastest wireless internet
Bluetooth 4.0

Internal Photos


HDD/SSD Compartment

The NEXBOX T11 comes with Windows 10 preinstalled & is fully activated version with English language installed and there is no bloatware on it.



What works

64GB sd works
128GB USB Stick
Samsung 1TB unpowered HD works
Tronsmart Mars G01 Gamepad works
Logitech c270 webcam works

The boot time on the T11 is around 30 seconds & that takes you straight to the main windows screen where your ready to go.I then installed a 120GB SSD in the compartment on the underside of the N12 (Very easy to do just undo the 2 screws & slot in)

There’s 4 full sized USB ports with one of them being a USB 3 port (Great to see this on a tv box),One VGA port on the rear along with the RJ45 port,HDMI port,Head phones port,Power port (5 volts 4 Amp psu) & a OTG port.
The T11 has plenty of venterlation holes on the underside & with all the testing iv done the device has only ever got warm never hot.I think this is down to the nice sized heatsink thats fitted to the PCB.

Device ports

Right Hand side,You will find 2 full sized USB ports & the power button

Left Hand side,You will find one USB2,one USB3 PORT & the SD card slot

Rear,You will find the VGA port,RJ45 port,HDMI port,Head phones port,Power port & the OTG port

Ive tested beach buggy racing & asphalt 8 both played perfect with no lags, freezs or lock ups & the loading time is fast.

Ive installed the latest stable kodi 17 whitch runs perfect, windows seems to handel kodi much better than the android tv box’s with a faster load time etc

The wifi surprised me on T11  as its a lot better than I was expecting very pleased with it found my network connection first time & the signal strength was strong,It also picked up other near by networks.


Cpu Stress test

The stress testing gave me some course for concern i must admit.
I ran a full load test & once the box gets to around 80c the box will freez & lock up thats after around 45 min at full load.



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How to do verification SAMSUN Micro SD Card

 1. Scratch the yellow part to get the code


2. Go to: 


3. Enter the information as below.


Then, you will get a message like this.