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    What is a TV Box?

    A TV box is Smart box that you are able to connect to the internet using wifi or an Ethernet port. You then connect the box to your TV using an HDMI cable. Most TV boxes run on the Android® operating system. Yes Android is the most popular OS of choice, but with Windows TV boxes and the Apple TV 4  and the Amazon Fire TV, users are spoilt for choice. If you have a TV box, the must have application is XBMC or Kodi as it is now called. You can download the latest version Of Kodi for your TV box here. XBMC / Kodi allows you to stream all types of media with the use of 3rd party add-ons. When you use a TV box it turns your boring TV into a Smart TV. If you have a smart TV then a TV box will make it even smarter. 

    About a TV box

    “A TV box has many different names including OTT Box or streaming box, a Kodi TV box is sometimes referred to as STB (set top box or boxes). But the most common name by far is a smart TV box or TV stick because they are connected to any TV through the HDMI port, once connected to the internet they turn your TV into a super Smart TV. You do not need a satellite dish or an external aerial to use a TV box as it has an internet TV box, therefore, uses an internet connection and applications to stream TV and movies. They all can run on different operating systems such as Android®, Apple TVos, and Windows.

    A TV stick will work in the same way as a TV box, however, the stick will plug into the back of your TV hiding it from sight. The only difference is a smart TV stick will have WiFi but not an internal Ethernet port. This little drawback can be overcome with the help of a USB to RJ45 adaptor. Also, have a check on our website for Dual boot TV stick with Windows and Android.

    What comes pre-installed on a TV box?

    Below are some of the apps pre-installed on most TV boxes. You can find a host of apps installed on your TV box when you first receive it from us. We also have our own app store and you also have access to the Goggle Play store with over 1 million apps. Kodi 17.4 , Plex Client , YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Film On, ITV Hub, Netflix, File Manager HD etc.

    What internet speed do I need to run a TV box?

    A TV box relies on the internet so you need to have a good speed to enjoy HD content. For the best streaming quality, we recommend a minimum of 3mb and for HD content you will need a minimum of 5mb broadband speed.

    What video formats do TV boxes support?

    Most of the Android TV Boxes support MPEG1/2/4: Up to 1920*1080; H.264: Up to 1920*1080; VC-1/WMV; Up to 1920*1080; RealVideo 8/9/10; up to 1280*720, including dat, avi, mpg, mkv, rm, rmvb, ts, vob, m2ts, mp4 suffixes etc.

    Do I need to pay any TV subscription to use a TV box? Are there any extra costs involved?

    With TV boxes you are using apps to stream content to your TV. Therefore you will not need to pay a subscription cost for the TV box. While there are some apps like Netflix and Prime Instant Video that require a subscription. There are also plenty of free alternatives.


    It says this TV box comes with Kodi already pre-loaded, will I still have to add on the app or download it from the internet?

    No, it comes installed. You just enjoy it.

    Disable any internet blocker that your provider has put in place

    Important please disable any internet blocker that your provider has put in place to keep you from visiting streaming sites, below is a guide for providers that block some sites.

    1. EE Broadband
    2. Talk Talk home safe, if your internet provider is TalkTalk you need to disable your Home Safe Internet security please see this link for more info
    3. Virgin: internet virus safe If you have Virgin internet you will need to disable your virus Safe from your My Virgin Account or you will be limited to what you can view   Click this link This is the link again:

    You can also call your provider to disable any restrictions in place.

    1. BT: parental control If you are going to use this device over Wi-Fi then you need to disable your BT parental control or you’re going to be limited as to what you can view. Click this link This is the link again:
    2. Sky: Sky Shield If you have Sky you will need to disable your Sky Shield Click this link.

    My TV box doesn’t turn on?

    • Make sure the power plug is pushed into the device all the way and the other end is plugged into a wall unit that has power or does check using alternative power plug for the device.

    My TV box is turned on but I can’t see anything on my TV?

    • Make sure that the HDMI cable is plugged in all the way for both the device and your TV. Make sure your TV is on the correct source for the HDMI input that the Device is plugged into.
    • This will show you a video to help you with any issues you could be having or how to maintain your TV box if its on Android 4.4. You should watch this Android 4.4 settings video at least once from HERE

    The display on my screen is too big or too small?

    • Click Settings > Click Display > Click Display size. Adjust until the screen fits your TV and then click back.

    My TV box wifi isn’t working

    • Click Settings > Click Network Connections > Click Wifi > Click on your Wifi network. Enter Password (Make sure the password is correct, Click symbols to add any symbols that may be in your password) If you have an MX2 then there is a fix if your wifi will not turn on. just watch this video

    My TV Box is running slow, how can I fix this?

    • Sometimes the Cache in KODI/SPMC gets full. This can slow the performance of KODI/SPMC and cause buffering issues. You can fix this by following the instructions listed below. Click settings under  Apps > Click Apps > Find KODI/SPMC and click on it > click Clear cache, wait for your cache to go get to 0. Restart KODI/SPMC and let it complete its first run. here is a video  Remember, each Add-Ons is separately managed by a Third Party that is not affiliated with EntertainmentBox.

    I clicked on a stream source to watch a movie or TV show. And I got a pop up that says “File not found” “Source is unavailable”

    • Some stream sources are listed but do not work. This is not typical but it does happen in KODI/SPMC sometimes. Simply try another stream source and most likely it will work. If not simply try stream sources until one works. Remember, each Add-Ons is separately managed by a Third Party that is not affiliated with EntertainmentBox. There will be times when these Add-Ons do not operate as they should. You may experience downtime or slow rates which could cause buffering.  When this does happen, we suggest looking at a new source or Add-On to correct the problem.